Welcome to Our Investment Program


Invest with us and earn for yourself. We welcome you to Rubilian’s Investment Program. Rubilian is not just a service provider program; it also offers income opportunities to people. The meaning of investment here is different. You don’t need to invest any money; in our eyes, your time and trust are your investments.

In Rubilian’s investment program, your role is to refer clients to us. From the budget allocated by these clients, we give you 30% of the Rubilian. And here’s the twist: it doesn’t end with just one referral. For example, if you refer a client once and they come back to us for more services, we’ll continue to give you 30% of their spending each time they do business with Rubilian. So, every time they use Rubilian’s services, you’ll receive a 30% commission.

You can refer clients for these services

You can refer clients for any of these services and easily earn 30%. Contact us to participate in the investment program related to any service.